Why you should Transform

The way we all look at life is to make enough money to retire.

There are times we put off our personal projects aside from work because often we

are too tired from work and stressed outmedium.jpg by what went down in our life with customers

and conversations with people. We sometimes end up feeling sick to just call in at

our job stating we cant make it due to various reasons. To only find ourselves to waste

a whole day without any productivity to add to our lives.

Then when we make it back to work, we have excuses as to why we cant have the

new carbe7192a32cf82eb1862e0ca6cc8b511f.jpg or houseVAA009-RE1-PH-CO-LG.JPG we dream of. That is why we should transform and become the

totally opposite of ourselves. I should really be charging for this information

but i really enjoy helping others to feel better and become the better version of themselves why is because i feel that is gods plan for all of humanity to have godly powers here on earth and not let the evil of this world weaken us.

I pray for myself and my family but more importantly i pray for peace on this earth even if its not possible in this timeline. We need to uplift each and races of this planet need to work together and love one another to build there countries and cities the righteous way!

Why you Should not only eat healthy but exercise as well!

Hello you are Special and this message is for you!

The weather is unpredictable no one knows whether it will rain or snow.

But one thing we all know is when we have the flu. Our nose gets stuffy, our body

aches, our energy depletes and we try everything to get back in good health.

Number one problem is we don’t try to figure out how to prevent ourselves from

getting sick in the first place.

The thing about it is our immune is connected to our energy so if our energy is low

then we are vulnerable to life’s air born viruses. Exercising increases our vitality and

therefore allows to have a powerful immune system defending your internal organs.Natural Remedies To Boost Immune System With Video By Sachin Goyal

Also when your energy is high the world becomes a place of favor.

Once you feel good about yourself, energy levels are balanced then the universe

lends you its power.

Lets face it nobody wants to be around a sick, low energy person. It feels like

they are draining you in the physical world.

Well long story short if you want a happier life take care of your health get a

checkup see a doctor have moderation of things you insert into your body and

exercise on a regular then you will see a dramatic change trust me.

I have experienced this and that is why i’m relaying this message to you.

And if you are a deep thinker and like to ponder about things in life then check out

my web comic portraying just that! Here is the link;


Have an Amazing sleep and remember to dream beyond.


Why you should plan for a Newborn

Planning for a newborn is important for a few reasons. 

One because its very stressful if you don’t have the necessities for a newborn,When the child is out of the womb.

Two no one likes a breakup right after the child is born. It takes a mental toll on the mind and body when that happens.

So here are some tips to ensure your situation for this newborn goes according to plan.

First of all each and everyone has a spending habit whether we like to believe or not.

The mistakes some people make when having a newborn is they don’t want to let go of their spending habits. 

Meaning if they spent $100 weekly on partying and keeping up their motto YOLO! They don’t want to lose that feeling because ita what keeps them going. 

In my case a newborn to me is what makes life worth living and I take pleasure in watching my seed grow.

Now lets look at this from a certain perspective, if after you had sex with your partner without a condom you already know within yourself that there is a 70% chance of pregnancy due to climax from a Man into the Female.

So you should now be thinking how you should plan for this new edition in your life. 

No child is a mistake and we should never think that way because of our own existence.

By planning I mean putting funds aside to prepare for this newborn needs.

That means pampers, milk, clothes, hospital etc.
Some people think when a woman says she is pregnant it means the end of the world for them.

I beg to differ reason being when a woman tells you she is pregnant and her birth test came positive, you now have 9 months to prepare no excuse.

I encourage men to be brave around this time. You have to make the sacrifice that puts your child in a comfortable position to at least be able to enjoy this wonderful experience of life.

Now most people argue because no one analyze the person they are dealing with and they allow lust to blind them of the truth.

 You should already know how far you want to go with this being and that comes with talking constantly to your partner with the belief that you will have all the tools to understand this individual. 

No one is perfect but we should all have a calm focus and not get distracted from the main objective.


Why You Should have a Strategic Lifestyle Part 3

Morning wonderful beings hope you slept well. If you haven’t grab a cup of tea or coffee yet I suggest you go ahead and do so.

Now with the continuation of my last post I talked about knowing what you want before you get it. 

Same thing applies with life, if you want something and you don’t have it yet, the only thing to do is add the ingredients necessary to make it manifest. 

What are the ingredients you ask,

Well first of all for example If I want a new phone, I go ahead and see the specs and reviews so that I make sure I get my dollars worth. 

So I will break it down like this, the first thing I look for in a phone is how good is the camera taking pictures and videos. 

I’m looking for anything in between 8 to 16 megapixels and 1280×720p video resolution.

Afterwards I look for processing speed to see how fast the phone is, then the design of the phone; how does it fit in my hand, how it fits in my pocket, where the volume button is located, power button etc.

So what I’m saying is, If you know specifically what you want it makes it that much easier to manifest! 

Strategic planning helps you prepare for anything. Why i think so is because of what i like to call 





Plan (A to Z).

So by exercising this process you always have a backup plan if the first one doesn’t work. 

I have something to do right now so stay tuned for the next addition of this amazing motivating and inspiring blog!

Stay beautiful people and remember you are super times 10! 

Enjoy your day and Dream big with the ingredients that make your dreams manifest!



Why you Should have a Strategic Lifestyle part 2

Good Evening my lovely beings.

I just knock off from work, my nose a little stuffy. I had to purchase what’s called Vaporub to clear up my nose. Anyways lets get back  to this sequel.

Im sure many of you have experience this, you come on a line to order some food

and there is this one person that is indecisive about what they want holding up

the entire line. They make you want to go someplace else due to their lack of assurance.

Its very simple to understand why this happen, let me explain (kevin hart voice)fastfood

First of all they knew they were hungry before they came to order this food so

they decided hey let me go purchase some food. Fine they then proceed to head out

in their vehicle and make their way to a Fast Food Establishment, only problem is

they haven’t figured what they are going to eat as yet all they know is my stomach

is bubbling and im going to purge that feeling.

This is what i do before i go to get something to eat. I weigh my options based upon

my favorite dish. Then before i even make it to the place i have in my head what i

want to eat. For Example lets use subway eat fresh, I usually get a turkey foot long sandwich, honey oat bread, no cheese, toasted, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, jalapeno, olives, spinach(if they have it) red onions, Dressings; sweet onion, honey mustard, chipotle(if its there) salt and pepper.

And i have all that in my head ready for whoever is serving me. I don’t know about the rest of the world but that save me alot of time.

Well guys its like 8:08 in the a.m and im going to get my day started by doing a little

yoga so right now im feeling great and after the yoga session im going to feel fantastic! Stay tuned to the third edition of this Awesome blog.

Good Morning to Everyone and Enjoy your beautiful day!

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