Lower Back Pain? Real Solution Guaranteed!

Okay so you have annoying back pain that just wont go away no matter what you do.

Well here are some facts and remedies to get your back working like it should.

First of all lets start with how you sleep, are you sleeping on a nice comfortable mattress? Along with a nice comfy pillow? Why your mattress could be the cause of the problem.

The best position to sleep is on your back.Sleeping-positions_HealthyBadThink of it like this, if you lay on your side how does your body  look? Is it relaxed?

Is there a strain over a period of time? Well that where your mattress will tell regardless of which side you lay on.

If your mattress is to soft the percentage of proper spine alignment is very low resulting in injury long term. Also if your pillow is to big it will cause improper alignment to your neck with little to no support. I would recommend Homecare Comfort Cell 900 mattress.


Okay so now you understand that part, what else is causing this back pain?

Lets get deep into this………

Take a look at this muscleGray1124Its called the Quadratus lumborum located lower left. \

If this is where you are feeling the pain then I am here to help.

Before I discuss any further facts that contribute to this pain, take a look at theses stretches to reduce that pain that you are feeling.

Okay so once you have figured out which stretch has worked in regards to reducing that pain, lets go ahead and fully recover your back.

So we see that when the quadratus lumborum is tight we get this problem.

Now everybody knows there body so you have to determine which part of your back is giving you pain, once you have done all the requirements to repair it,

You can then go ahead and get a light massage.


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