The Closer You Are, The Further Away……

What does that mean? It means what you think is working is actually working against it. The right thing will feel surreal and things will be complete instead of the other way around. Your path is not a tough one that is only what you believe, Instead think of it like this. What do you […]

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Lower Back Pain? Real Solution Guaranteed!

Okay so you have annoying back pain that just wont go away no matter what you do. Well here are some facts and remedies to get your back working like it should. First of all lets start with how you sleep, are you sleeping on a nice comfortable mattress? Along with a nice comfy pillow? […]

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Strengthen Your Reality

It is very important to strengthen your reality, because if you don’t visualize how you want things to go then it will never manifest. One of the key things that inspire me each day is sports. The way i see people push there bodies and mind is incredible. Also when i see a team win […]

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