Why You Should Reprogram Your Brain For Success Part 2

So previously from part 1 we discovered a new way of thinking.

Think what others dont to achieve the unthinkable.

When you keep thinking you have to wait on a friday to get paid then that limits you from anything you hope to achieve.

The next challenge is to invest in things that brings income. Meaning that you spend money on things that you really need, for example tools.


If i have a computer and i do technical work then that computer is an investment.

If you ever wondered how successful people think, take notice to what they are saying,


how they talk and how they handle situations in there everyday life.

Successful people are particular not undecisive. Many people get this confused because of how the majority thinks. If someone knows what they want then its no guessing that when they go to get it, they have the right to change their mind.

On the other hand if a person doesnt know what they want, they will come to a store to inquire about an item and not actually get it.

Also A young woman looking at clothes in a charity shop they will want other items but be unsure of what they actually want, that leads to asking other people opinion if they should get it or not.


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