Why you should plan for a Newborn

Planning for a newborn is important for a few reasons. 

One because its very stressful if you don’t have the necessities for a newborn,When the child is out of the womb.

Two no one likes a breakup right after the child is born. It takes a mental toll on the mind and body when that happens.

So here are some tips to ensure your situation for this newborn goes according to plan.

First of all each and everyone has a spending habit whether we like to believe or not.

The mistakes some people make when having a newborn is they don’t want to let go of their spending habits. 

Meaning if they spent $100 weekly on partying and keeping up their motto YOLO! They don’t want to lose that feeling because ita what keeps them going. 

In my case a newborn to me is what makes life worth living and I take pleasure in watching my seed grow.

Now lets look at this from a certain perspective, if after you had sex with your partner without a condom you already know within yourself that there is a 70% chance of pregnancy due to climax from a Man into the Female.

So you should now be thinking how you should plan for this new edition in your life. 

No child is a mistake and we should never think that way because of our own existence.

By planning I mean putting funds aside to prepare for this newborn needs.

That means pampers, milk, clothes, hospital etc.
Some people think when a woman says she is pregnant it means the end of the world for them.

I beg to differ reason being when a woman tells you she is pregnant and her birth test came positive, you now have 9 months to prepare no excuse.

I encourage men to be brave around this time. You have to make the sacrifice that puts your child in a comfortable position to at least be able to enjoy this wonderful experience of life.

Now most people argue because no one analyze the person they are dealing with and they allow lust to blind them of the truth.

 You should already know how far you want to go with this being and that comes with talking constantly to your partner with the belief that you will have all the tools to understand this individual. 

No one is perfect but we should all have a calm focus and not get distracted from the main objective.



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