Why you Should have a Strategic Lifestyle part 2

Good Evening my lovely beings.

I just knock off from work, my nose a little stuffy. I had to purchase what’s called Vaporub to clear up my nose. Anyways lets get back  to this sequel.

Im sure many of you have experience this, you come on a line to order some food

and there is this one person that is indecisive about what they want holding up

the entire line. They make you want to go someplace else due to their lack of assurance.

Its very simple to understand why this happen, let me explain (kevin hart voice)fastfood

First of all they knew they were hungry before they came to order this food so

they decided hey let me go purchase some food. Fine they then proceed to head out

in their vehicle and make their way to a Fast Food Establishment, only problem is

they haven’t figured what they are going to eat as yet all they know is my stomach

is bubbling and im going to purge that feeling.

This is what i do before i go to get something to eat. I weigh my options based upon

my favorite dish. Then before i even make it to the place i have in my head what i

want to eat. For Example lets use subway eat fresh, I usually get a turkey foot long sandwich, honey oat bread, no cheese, toasted, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, jalapeno, olives, spinach(if they have it) red onions, Dressings; sweet onion, honey mustard, chipotle(if its there) salt and pepper.

And i have all that in my head ready for whoever is serving me. I don’t know about the rest of the world but that save me alot of time.

Well guys its like 8:08 in the a.m and im going to get my day started by doing a little

yoga so right now im feeling great and after the yoga session im going to feel fantastic! Stay tuned to the third edition of this Awesome blog.

Good Morning to Everyone and Enjoy your beautiful day!

Also check out this link to put spice in your day! http://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/trending-hilarious-video-shows-what-women-say-vs-what-they-actually-mean-1638153

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