Why You should have a Strategic Lifestyle!

Having a strategic lifestyle guarantees you surety of what to look forward to in the

future based upon what goals you are aiming for.

For example; have ever had a messy room and when you lay down in your bed you

feel out of place? Well that’s a sign that you have to get things organised.

Here is a good one, I’m sure everyone has been through this.

You place an item down anywhere, go out to do something and forget where you

put this particular item when you come back. Wonder why because you never

assign the item to a spot where you can find it easy! That’s what i mean by not being

strategic. Now lets say  every time you get home you get home you place your

expensive pendant in your drawer second to the top left corner. Most likely

whenever you go to get it out, 90% of the time you will find it! Why simple

you have assigned your pendant a specific place and you remember where you put it.

Like when i come home i usually rest my keys on the computer desk and when i wake

up in the morning that’s the first place i look, so if its not there then someone must

have moved it but at least i know where i had it. Life doesn’t come with an instruction

manual like a smartphone does. So we all have to figure it out through everyday

challenges. But i do believe there is formula that if you stay through to your life

would be near perfection. So tune into my next because i’m tired from work and need

some rest.

Good Night and thanks for reading!



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